Passion for God and his word is what drives us. The stories below are testimonies of how the Lord is using ordinary individuals like you and me to spread his word. We also believe that this commission can not be done by one person, one church or one organization. It is about the WHOLE CHURCH to the WHOLE WORLD!


Bearing fruits to His glory!

There is a refreshing vibrancy in the church-planting ministry of Pioneers-Africa this year, already. The last week of January, we gathered with all the team leaders to review and evaluate the ministry work, and we were amazed at how healthy it looked on many fronts. Ordinary people are working hard to disciple others who in turn are reaching out to others in their spheres of influence. So, there is a multiplying growth in the numbers of people getting involved with the church-planting work, as well as the number of churches being planted!

“I will go everywhere with the gospel … because it has power to save”. THE STORY OF Martine.

Kpadja Martine is one among several of our emerging indigenous disciples and leaders from the Republic of Benin. Martine is an oral communicator who does not read nor write, but has been undergoing mentoring and coaching from the field worker Jérémi and his team. She is learning Bible stories and the use of oral discovery Bible study approach. Martine leads a number of discovery Bible study groups, a few kilometers  from  her  village,  in  the  local  language.    She, recently, participated in a training session for indigenous leaders and was given an opportunity to lead the devotion for one of the days.  She told a bible story  and   led  the  participants  to  discover  some  of  the  biblical  truths  in  the  story  and make  a  few  applications. 

Jérémi shared with us how through perseverance in applying the training received on empowering local believers to be involved in disciple-making, the use of  oral  discovery Bible study and his commitment to a weekly coaching time with Martine has enabled her to make such progress. Martine is reaching out to the Fulani communities to make disciples for Christ. She is, presently, working with 4 groups in 3 localities, comprising 19 individuals, of which 8 have believed. Pray for the rest who are yet to believe and have very interesting questions.  

The distances to these groups range from 5 to 20km (3-12Miles). Martine is committed to helping these groups among the Fulanis come to faith as she weekly visits each group using her husband's motor bike.  Whenever there is no money to buy fuel for the bike, she sometimes walks these distances. Let’s keep Martine, her family and all these groups in prayer.

But it is not all rosy for us. The region of XXXX in Mali, where it all started about 30 years ago, is presently besieged with repeated and random jihadist attacks by fundamentalists in rebellion to state rule. All our workers in Mali serve in and around that region and it is a real concern for us. Thank God, none of them or their families have been caught in any incidences, even though the fighting got really close to one family late last year. We pray they continue to remain safe. 

In addition, Guinea and Togo have also been experiencing quite a serious politically-induced unrest for some months now, and they can do with some prayer support. There are a few other concerns, mostly health or housing related, but we keep our eyes fixed on the Lord as we continue learning to lean on Him unreservedly.

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Pioneers-Africa favors collaboration with like-minded organizations. Four mission agencies, namely, Serve In Ministry (SIM Ghana), Calvary Ministries (Capro, Ghana), WEC Ghana/Acts 13 and Pioneers-Africa, under the banner, ‘Ghana Mission Mobilization Collaboration’, organized a three-day training on mobilization from the 20th to 22nd February, 2018 at Pioneers-Africa Ted Fletcher Memorial Centre, Accra, Ghana.

The main facilitator was Eric Oosterbroek, the International Recruitment Consultant and the national mobilizer of WEC New Zealand and a global trainer and consultant on mobilizing for the nations. In all, eighteen participants of over seven nationalities, who are working in sub-Saharan Africa and drawn from the four agencies mentioned above, participated in this training.

The main goal of the training was to help us reflect on the challenges we face in mobilizing the body of Christ and believers in Ghana and Africa, as a whole, and to find possible solutions to them. The training also sought to further equip us to be at the cutting edge of mobilizing believers to be part of God’s global work. Some of the topics that were discussed during the training were: the mobilizer’s role descriptions, church agency partnerships, coaching and mentoring of new candidates, fruitful initiatives and practices in mobilizing, utilizing media in missions. etc.

The meeting ended with a discussion on actionable steps that the four agencies seek to undertake in collaboratively going forward. It was, indeed, a great gathering as many resources was shared to help mobilizers from the various agencies become more effective in mobilizing the body of Christ in Africa to send missionaries across the nations. We give God all the glory and praise!