The Pioneers-Africa missionaries are always open to new partnerships with churches, organizations and other NGOs. We'd love to have your group walk alongside with us as we work to serve the spiritual and felt needs of the most unreached people groups in Africa.

If you are interested in partnering with us, please reach out to the Pioneers-Africa Advocacy Council, who will help you find out more. You can email them at


Are you a church, organization, college group or individual interested in visiting Africa on a vision or mission trip? Pioneers-Africa is always open to hosting! 

If you want to find out more about going on a missions trip to Africa with Pioneers, kindly email us at

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the Pioneers-Africa Advocacy Council

The Pioneers-Africa Advocacy Council is a global group of volunteers supporters, leading the charge to support our missionaries and their families throughout Africa. The Council, advocates on behalf of Pioneers-Africa in the US and other non-African countries in order to help:

  • Tell the stories of the life-giving, sacrificial work of the Pioneers-Africa missionaries
  • Grow partnerships with churches, organizations and other groups
  • Develop fundraising and support opportunities for Pioneers-Africa
  • Be a channel of communication between supporters and Pioneers-Africa

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