It all began in the spring of 1986, when Dr. Solomon Aryeetey, a Ghanaian medical doctor and his wife Leticia – a lawyer - were about to fulfill their “dream” of immigrating to the USA and furthering their professional careers. However, God had other plans and He used Harold Stevens, a PIONEERS missions advocate to challenge them about  the needs of the Fulani people in Mali, West Africa, and the Aryeeteys knew God was calling them to go. For seven years, they lived in the desert amongst the nomadic people, learning the language and sharing the gospel from hut-to-hut through mobile medical clinics. During this time, they faced many hardships, including being separated from their six children. Over time, believers were discipled and a church was started, which continues strong to this day.

In 1994, the Aryeeteys founded Pioneers-Africa to awaken and mobilize the Church in Africa to proclaim Christ to unreached people groups. Today, the Mission has over 130 African missionaries serving in places of greatest need and least opportunity of hearing the gospel.

Our History in Pictures