the Team in Ghana

Ghana is made up of 18 units on the team. The team is reaching 18 people groups out of the 20 known unreached people groups in Ghana stretching from the very north of the savanna regions in the Sissala land to the south in the Forest region of the central region. Using Church Planting, Evangelism, Discipleship, Well drilling Projects, Education and Agriculture to transform lives and glorify God amongst the unreached.

Children of Promise - Special Project in Ghana

While facing challenges reaching Education, Ghana has realized modest gains in basic education achievement. Enrollment rates increased from 57% in 1999 to 90% in 2006, and the percentage of girls in school has gone up. However, rates are still low in many places, particularly rural areas and the northern regions of the country. In northern Ghana, partly due to increased incidences of food insecurity, more than 40% of girls at the basic level are not in school. Low quality of education adversely affects retention and primary school completion. At the primary level, 20% of all children are out of school and only 16% of students read at grade level. [1]

Pioneers-Ghana Teachers visit remote villages during the week and have small group classes with these children, by providing basic formal education. Our curriculum is structured in a manner that would provide children not only with cognitive skills but with moral skills that would shape them for the future. For more information. email: or

Community Based Health Care - Special Project in Ghana

Community Based Health Care is not a new concept in Ghana.  Ghana is a signatory to the Alma Alta declaration in 1978.  In the declaration countries from the developing world including Ghana accepted the concept of Primary health care.  The Primary Health care uses the strategy of volunteer community members to bring basic health care to their people.  

For Ghana, the strategy was to enable the country to provide Health for all by the year 2000.  It is nine years after the Alma Alta declaration.  The rural communities are still deprived of good care. 

The community Health Evangelism/Education is a community based care that seeks to provide basic services through the integration of the physical, spiritual, social, emotional, and economic health.  It is a holistic approach to health care.  This type of health care is in line with what Jesus Himself did when He walked the earth.  He healed the sick physically, (Luke 4:38, 40); emotionally John 4:4-26, Jesus and the Samaritan woman; He healed the paralytic spiritually Luke 5:20. Even Zacchaeus received the social acceptance. Luke 19:2-9.