About the Team in Cote D'Ivoire

Cote d’Ivoire has 4 units on the team. Their ministry is focused on church planting. This is achieved through evangelistic outreach in various forms with a strong discipleship based follow up work. There is a strong emphasis on prayer as a ministry to the unreached.

National Director - John and Mariette Tony Lee

Ministry Methods: One-on-One Evangelism/ Discipleship, Medical Missions, Open Air Crusade and Community Development.

What we do in Pioneers-Cote D'Ivoire Pioneers-Cote D’lvoire is located in Abidjan but the main church planting activities are at Bourke – the war-torn rebel occupied territory. This definitely presents several challenges. The churches actually were scattered during the war but the missionaries never gave up. Thank God there is some level of peace currently and the brethren who are still around are gradually coming back.