Kpeve is a community of villages situated in the south western part of Togo about 105Km from Lome the capital. Church planting effort started in the area in 2008 by our missionary Sylvestre Douho.  Kpeve is made up of over thirty villages with a population of about 5000 inhabitants.   

Also these community of villages do not have any health center, neither schools for their children nor portable drinking water for the population and the roads network of these villages are so bad that, accessing the villages is a great challenge.

The inhabitants of this community of villages are the Ewe people group. Though a good percentage of the Ewe people are Christians, these are still very deep in idol worship. Human sacrifices were offered to idols in these villages. Some of these villages still continue in this practice, that is why it is very dangerous to move around in the night or walking alone when you are a stranger in the area.  

Not too long ago, in one of the villages called Agbadji  some persons  came to the village to share the gospel but they had to run for their lives  after they were attacked with cutlasses.

Before the arrival of the missionary decades ago one notorious village in this community called Awlime, which literarily meant “Hell” is known for sacrificing strangers who come to the village. At other time even their own fellow tribe men or woman is used as sacrifice to the idols. One of the idols in the village is call “KU” meaning death.  

Despite this prevailing animist situation, God is at work through our missionary to turn the hearts of some of these people to the glory of his mighty name. Presently, not less than twelve churches have being planted in the locality.  The first church that was planted in the locality was that in the village of Kpeve with 24 adult members not counting the children. The second church planted was that at Awlime, after the church was planted the missionary reasoned with the villagers on the need to change the name of their village  from Awlime   meaning ’Death’ to Sitsope  meaning Refuge.