National Directors - Christophe

Ministry Methods - Jesus Film, One-on-One Evangelism, Medical Missions, Training/Discipleship, Community Development and Open Air Crusades.

Challenges - Secret Societies / Idolatry, Islam

Pioneers-Togo is an inter-denominational missions organization, based in Lome Togo, that works in partnership with the local churches and other mission organizations in reaching the unreached. A number of churches have already been planted in remote communities. Our missionaries also serve as school teachers in some of these communities.

Our prayer is to see the remaining unreached ethnic groups in Togo and in the francophone African sub-region reached with the gospel of Jesus.

To achieve this we are committed to the following:
Creating awareness and mobilizing the churches and the youth to be involved in the harvest.
Development of partnerships with local church denominations and collaboration with them in planting churches among the unreached.
Helping the local churches to train their own missionaries.
Discipleship and Missionary training.
Community development programs.