About the Burkina Faso Team

The Burkina Faso team has 7 units. They are mainly involved in evangelistic outreach work in various villages as a first step in planting churches. The team leader’s wife also uses her medical training as a nurse to engage in health work as a means of connecting with the unreached.

Pioneers-Africa, in 2001, sent Rotimi and Florence Johnson, to Bobo Diolaso to help reach the Senufo unreached people group.Over the years, this primary assignment has grew to include the Bobo Madare People. Recently some work has also been done amongst the, Phuli and Dagara ethnic groups.


Our vision is to evangelize, disciple and help initiate a church planting movements amongst the Bobo and Senufo People Groups in partnership with the local church in Africa according to the Lord’s commandment in Matt. 28:19 and the model of missionary sending in Acts 13:1-3.


  • We praise the Lord for all He has done in and through us in Burkina Faso
  • We thank Him for victories He has given us over the years  and for sustaining us
  • We ask for dedicated workers and the matching resources to recruit local believers to help sustain the work here and also for a greater harvest .
  • We pray for good health for every member of our team.
  • We pray that  God will reveal Himself to the various unreached people groups in Burkina. That they will be open  to the Gospel.
  • We pray that our church planting work will experience great harvest this year.