Since Florence my wife, is a trained State Community Health nurse,these skills provided assess to the community in the early years of ministry.She served as a staff of the Samogohiri Gorvenment Medical Health center in Samogohiri village,approximately 120 kilometers from Bobo/Burkina Faso. God used  this to help us plant a church in Lengakoro and Lanfiera in collaboration with an Assemblies of God church, Bobo. This ministry also  affected several lives after official working hours.


To the glory of God, two churches have been planted in Safalao and in Sector 25 respectively in partnership with the Centre de Evangelization  Church which now cater for the souls in these small churches.

 A church was planted also in Bonzon-Pougouli , Yehoun  and Nahi villages respectively. Another church wasplanted  in collaboration with Mission Vie et Temoin de Jesus Christ in Kinima,  on the outskirts of Bobo. 

Between 2010 and now , God has helped us plant five churches. One of these has been handed over to the Center de Evangelization church in Nahi village/ Tuy province. The dominant ethnic groups here are the Phuli and Dagara people.


We praise God for the opportunity to have baptized over 20 converts we had engaged in active discipleship and teaching programmes. Papa Gumina, a Muslim new covert  with great influence in the Kinima mosque is one such person who has benefitted from our program. To keep him growing in the faith, we further got him the New Testament audio tape in the Dioula dialect.

We have also been blessed with  opportunities to teach on various subjects in various local churches. Recently we had one such program in Koti for all the pastors of  the Church of Pentecost in the Dano province and its environ where effectiveness in ministry and in missions was addressed.

With the introduction of the discipleship method of church planting, dubbed the CPM training, being offered by Pioneers –Africa, we were able, by Gods grace, to mobilize ten delegates from Bobo to be part of an initial training in Kara, Northern  Togo.

Prior to this, the  various denominations in Bobo had been trained on how to use this CPM tool by the training director of Pioneers-Africa. Most of these delegates are implementing the principles learnt on their various fields.


We are grateful to God for providing a film projector, speakers, electricity generator, lighting system etc. This is such a blessings since we can count, on the average, at least one evangelistic film show per month since 2010.


We are thankful also for the privilege of being on two radio stations in Burkina Faso since the past two years. These are  Radio Evangel Development and Radio Alliance Christian  We are encouraged by the positive feedback we get. For example, one man was about to commit suicide, however, upon hearing a message, he contacted us whereupon we visited with him and eventually he got to give his life to Jesus Christ.

We established ABC International School; a bi-lingual nursery and primary school with the aim of reaching the children with the gospel. Currently there are about one hundred children in the school. We have also realized that it also serves as a tool to bring parents closer to us. Proceeds  from the school have helped in paying off, especially, most of the bills from our radio programs.


Sports ministry is very effective in Burkina; it has served as a great tool to build   friendships that have also led to effective evangelisms. Soccer/ football , table tennis,badminton and volleyball are some of the disciplines we employ.Pascal, a convert won through a football game was baptised by our current Rregional leader a few years ago .To the glory of God, Pascal is currently actively invoved  in evangelistic work for the Lord Jesus.

Challenges/ Needs

  • Getting  committed  missionary workers on voluntery bases is a challenge. We believe one of the reasons is because Burkina is rather a very poor country and people struggle, often, with basic needs. Potential candidates often expect , at least, a minimum renumeration.                                                   
  • Ministry location is often in the country side where the terrain is rough and the roads are bad; especially in the rainy season. God blessed us with with an old small Toyota Corolla which we refurbished. But this has become too weak for work.We are trusting the Lord for a vehicle type that is strong and suitable for the terrain.
  • On the family front, medical bills for our children, especially for managing sickle cell disease which is inherited from us, is becoming a challenge. Again the cost of educating them is also rising rapidly.

Next Steps

We are trusting the Lord to help as achieve the following:

  • Build  stronger relationships with the local churches in Burkina Faso to enhance our mobilization efforts.
  • Plant at least four more churches
  • Assist churches in  teaching children, youth, women and men to build up the body of Christ in various aspects.
  • Continue with our discipleship program
  • Show the film- Jesus, 12 times before December
  • Recruit 3 local missionaries to help achieve goals for 2013.
  • Continue the CPM program by following up those who had been trained to implement the principles in the past and also by encouraging various churches to adopt and implement the CPM principles.