What is the Pioneers-Africa Advocacy Council?

The Pioneers-Africa Advocacy Council is a group of individuals from across the US who have come together to help raise awareness, support, and partnership for Pioneers-Africa and to be a channel of communication for them to the rest of the world.

Our Vision: To have God’s love, grace and mercy known throughout the ends of the earth through the support and growth of Pioneers Africa.

Our Mission: To nurture a thriving relationship between Pioneers Africa and its supporters that develops and grows God’s Kingdom around the world by: 

  • Providing strategic guidance and human capital to Pioneers Africa on a consultative basis 
  • Helping to support and spearhead advocacy and fundraising efforts for Pioneers Africa in the US and around the world 
  • Liaising with Pioneers Africa supporters to provide supplementary communications about Pioneers Africa missions and progress
  • Supporting inter-church and supporter-wide campaigns as necessary for Pioneers Africa

As an advocacy board, we hold strong to the following principals: 

  • Our ultimate purpose is to see the gospel of Jesus Christ preached and His love experienced throughout the world (as executed through the Pioneers-Africa mission). 
  • We love the Pioneers missionaries as family, and come along side them as such. 
  • We work with and respect Pioneers Africa as partners. 
  • We approach the needs of the Pioneers Africa staff and missionaries with humility and a servant’s heart, never presuming to know the best solution since Pioneers members best understand the circumstances and context.


Contact us at advocacy@pioneers-africa.org

We're here to help get churches, organizations and individuals connected to Pioneers-Africa. If you have questions, want to find out what's happening in the field or just want to find out more, don't hesitate to reach out.

And if you're a church or organization that is already partnered with Pioneers-Africa and wants to be more involved with advocacy, we're here to work with you!

Who we Are - Current Advocacy Council Leadership